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About Dr. Jennifer McGinness

Dr. Jennifer McGiness Child Teen & Young Adult Therapy



9887 4th St N #319

St. Petersburg, FL 33702

In Office & Telehealth Appointments​


As a former college counseling therapist, I connect well with kids, teens, and emerging adults adjusting to newfound independence and responsibilities. I am very familiar with the experiences of those navigating new social situations and academic challenges during childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. I work collaboratively with clients to adapt to these changes and find healthy ways to cope with concerns such as loneliness, low motivation, sadness, frustration, irritability, anxiousness, suicidal thoughts, and self-harm. 


More specifically, I work alongside clients who struggle to ask for help, worry they’re not “good enough,” or feel afraid that others will not like them. I am also passionate about working with those navigating self-comparison and low self-esteem as well as the difficulties these symptoms often lead to, such as body-image concerns and disordered eating. Additionally, I have experience working with survivors of sexual victimization and am committed to working alongside survivors as they adjust to life after experiencing trauma.


I am trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and have specialized training experiences in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy. I often use techniques from each of these evidence-based approaches to best address client concerns and needs. Overall, my goal is to instill hope, cultivate trust, and foster a warm connection with my clients. I hope to work with clients as they let go of worry, sadness, and self-criticism and begin experiencing life in the present moment. 


I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida as a graduate of the Honors Program and received my doctorate in clinical psychology from Georgia Southern University. Outside of the office, I enjoy detective shows and snuggling with my tuxedo cat, Monet. I am also a PADI-certified SCUBA diver! To learn more about me and the services I provide, reach out today to schedule a complementary 15-minute phone consultation.

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